To everyone affected by the ongoing COVID -19 pandemic and especially our hard-working teams, teachers and leaders, we’re thinking of you.

CALGARY, Canada – March 18, 2020 – Due to this ever-changing pandemic, it’s no longer business as usual. It’s a time we’re called upon to go beyond classroom and boardroom walls and transform the way we do business and inspire and educate students. Any of you reading this who’ve tried remote learning or working will agree that we need teachers and leaders now more than ever. This pandemic is affecting our family life, economy, schools and society as we know it.

At SMART, we have moved to an entirely remote environment by closing all of our offices and it’s been a difficult change – and we’re all adults. I can’t imagine how challenging it is to work and teach remotely when you’re working with kids. Keeping your students connected to learning and to our community is no easy task with such challenging times.

Our company is made up of former classroom teachers and education leaders who have prepared extensive resources and tutorials to help you teach and stay connected during school closures. We have tools and resources to help develop virtual lessons for different grade levels and our team will be hosting Facebook Live sessions every day so you can ask questions and receive regular support.

For the many businesses impacted who are now relying on remote work to maintain productivity, (with many workers also managing in-home childcare and online learning) we can help you with access to flexible, dynamic workspaces for team members to contribute from any location or device.

I know it’s a scary time right now and just like you, we’re adapting to what is required by this global pandemic. But what we do know, as we all find ways to better evolve in this strange new world we’ve been thrown into, is that if we stay connected, we can help each other and the community through this. Thank you for continuing to work with us and for empowering education and businesses in unexpected new environments, banding together to make things work.

We’re committed to using this global disruption to ensure that we as a company can better serve you in ways that will last beyond this crisis.

Nicholas Svensson

Nicholas Svensson, Chief Executive Officer, SMART Technologies

Nicholas Svensson