Exciting new features are coming to iQ powered SMART displays this summer!

As we look forward to the new school year, we’re excited to share some great new features coming to your iQ-powered SMART display this summer. Here’s a preview of the new tools that are now available with iQ 3.8 to give you everything you need to create and deliver interactive lessons more quickly, smoothly and effectively.

Get more with the new iQ App Store

As a teacher, you no longer have to wait for support to assist you with app installations to help you manage your lessons and planning sessions. This means that your SMART display with iQ now works with more of the apps and tools you already use daily, making it easier for everyone to learn and use.

Introducing an enhanced SMART iQ app store that allows you to install* iQ3.8-installed-applications - v2 many popular, verified apps without the need to make a support call. Our current popular apps like WPS Office, Zoom, VLC Media Player and Firefox will be joined by a screen recorder app, Microsoft Office, and many more education-focused apps, plus we will continue to grow the available options for you. You can ‘favorite’ installed apps to add them to your personalized iQ home screen for even quicker access.

Improved Whiteboard Experience

  • More ways to write: Our text recognition and editing features in iQ powered displays instantly recognize and transform handwritten text to typed text using the Text Pen Tool. The text pen tool also allows you to insert text or a space and replace or delete text by drawing simple shapes like a line, strikethrough or insert “^”.That’s not all! The Finger Inking mode feature provides flexibility in interaction and multi-user collaboration at the display. Just go to iQ settings and enable the option to have everything at your fingertips, literally.
  • More ways to capture and use images: Capture images directly iQ3.8-add-image-doc-cam1-camfrom live UVC cameras like the SMART Document Camera or your webcam, then insert them directly to your lesson in the whiteboard. You can also add images you’ve saved to your display’s files library, like that hardcopy activity sheet or your great class photo. The sky’s the limit!

But wait, there’s more!

Are you worried about missing out on cool tools and content? Well, problem solved! The new tips app provides you with regular ideas on how to make the most of your iQ powered SMART display. Get notified instantly on what’s new and what’s coming to make teaching fun!

*Some administrators may choose to lock down the app store to facilitate centralized deployment of your technology. Admins can remotely install Android applications on your SMART display through SMART Remote Management (included with your SMART Board for the length of your initial warranty). Talk to your IT admin about the best way to manage apps for your SMART display!