CALGARY, AB, February 11, 2021 – SMART Technologies is a leading provider of education and teaching solutions with 30 years of experience developing innovative educational solutions that encourage student collaboration and participation. The company is now introducing new teacher-oriented extensions to its market-leading software SMART Learning Suite (SLS). New additions include a library of prepackaged activities and classroom resources, enhanced image capabilities to facilitate student interactions, and a better ability to personalize activities to support greater student engagement. As students and teachers continue to switch between virtual, hybrid and face-to-face teaching, access to teaching tools that work across all forms of learning has proven to be a critical factor. Used in over a million classrooms worldwide, SLS enables educators to deliver an active, immersive learning experience from any device or web browser, regardless of where their students are – whether at home or in the classroom.

“In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, it is very important to us to help teachers overcome the hurdles that lie ahead,” said Nicholas Svensson, CEO of SMART. “Just like our software integrations with GoogleTM and Microsoft Teams ™ that we announced last year , the new functions are aimed at saving teachers time and at the same time offering additional options for personalizing their content in order to ensure lively participation by students If the technology is accessible, flexible and easy to use, teachers spend less time preparing content and can focus more on strengthening relationships with students and teaching them well. ”

The new and enhanced features for the SMART Learning Suite unveiled today include features and benefits for both teachers and students:

A resource library saves time: The new library with relevant and up-to-date teaching resources helps teachers to integrate content directly into the SMART Learning Suite with one click, so that they can immediately start with lessons and exercises on relevant topics. The Resource Library offers distance learning materials, classroom management, emotional literacy, new practice materials, and more.

Flexible ways to personalize content for student participation: Teachers now have more flexibility in designing interactive exercises with custom topics that help them better engage students and try out new teaching methods. This also includes faster searching for and faster adding of images when inserting exercise content (e.g. quiz questions) or adapting topics.

Learning functions to participate: A collection of explanatory videos, beginner tutorials and tips support the teachers and offer everything you need to get started right away or simply to try something new.

Integrated image tools for increased security and customization: Finding and embedding harmless images for teachers to customize activities in the SMART Learning Suite is now an integrated function. It helps teachers save time and allows them to choose safe, Creative Commons-licensed images.

A group of faculty in the United States gained early access to the new extensions.

“The SMART Learning Suite is a valuable tool that I can use to deliver engaging and interactive content to my students during distance learning,” said Breanna McPherren, elementary school teacher from Washington State.

“The fact that students can write / draw and type, that they can collaborate and work in groups, and that I can see everyone’s work in real time, is very useful in my class,” added Blaise Badyneed, intermediate Spanish teacher Michigan, added.”

Morbi Today’s launch shows the growing importance of the SMART Learning Suite. SLS recently received awards at the annual conference of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC). After the virtual ISTE conference in November, Tech & Learning awarded SLS the “Best of 2020” award, with a juror stating: “It offers student-guided learning, project-based learning and experiences with the” flipped classroom “concept. The county government recognized the SMART Learning Suite as “a powerful platform …

Teachers and administrators can access the enhanced SMART Learning Suite starting today at