SMART Technologies continues to push innovation and integration forward by expanding accessibility and ease-of-use of its leading software solution – for school districts to continue improving learning outcomes.

CALGARY, Canada – March 2, 2020 – In 2019, SMART Technologies successfully integrated their SMART Learning Suite (SLS) Online software with G Suite for Education™ via its SMART Learning Suite app on the G Suite Marketplace – connecting learning platforms millions of teachers love and use every day.

In less than one year, the app has been deployed to over 10 million G Suite for Education users and is currently ranked amongst the most deployed apps in the education section of G Suite Marketplace.

“At SMART, we are consistently innovating to provide the most user-friendly, robust tools to help teachers inspire greatness for every student in every lesson,” said Nicholas Svensson, Executive Vice President & Chief Development & Operations Officer. “We are thrilled that over 10 million G Suite for Education users have access to our learning software and integration tools, and we look forward to continuing to meet and exceed their expectations based on their ongoing feedback.”

SLS Online transforms static lesson delivery into interactive learning experiences, with game-based activities, formative assessments and student collaboration – on any device. It’s designed to offer more engaging, pedagogically relevant and innovative activities that fit existing teaching workflows and help elevate teaching practices at any level.

Now that it’s been integrated with G Suite for Education, it can improve student outcomes at scale. It simplifies training and onboarding by enabling districts to effortlessly deploy the app leveraging platforms and tools educators already use district wide. It also elevates teaching practice by allowing educators to easily create game-based activities in SLS Online directly in Google Drive. Educators can also convert a lesson page to a collaborative workspace or individual handout activity.

Being able to work directly from Google Drive or Google Classroom to create, organize and share lessons with SLS Online keeps classrooms flowing seamlessly every day.

“Teachers in our school district love the new G Suite integration app with SMART Learning Suite Online,” said Joni Quintavalle, Elementary Educator from South Washington County Schools. “The app has made it so easy to create, share and save interactive lesson content. The ability to use what they already have created has saved teachers tons of time.”

Lesson delivery through SLS Online allows for enhanced options of interactivity, enabling educators to quickly transition between teacher-paced and student-paced anytime during the lesson. It also allows the students to open the SLS Online lesson and continue to work from home with ease.

Through research, insights, and customer feedback SMART is committed to continue to innovate and enhance the desktop (SMART Notebook®) and online version of its software. It is built with the intention to support global communities, and provide free accessible lesson content through its educator portal SMART Exchange®, to elevate learning outcomes everywhere.

While many Google school districts can now celebrate the integration, SMART ensures even more platform integration going forward to maximize its software accessibility for educators and students who inspire greatness.