SMART Learning Suite (Lumio)

Here’s how Lumio works

Transform lessons in seconds, then deliver them to student devices in a browser, or via Google or Microsoft Teams.
You can even combine different file types into a single Lumio (formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online) lesson!

More powerful than ever for anywhere learning

Welcome to Lumio (formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online), the digital learning tool for today’s changing teaching environments. Intuitive web-based software that helps you create engaging lessons students can interact with in class, remotely or on their own time all on their own devices.

It’s easy, start with your lessons or access ready-made resources

Import the lessons you already use, combine existing resources and enhance them with customizable components including games, collaborative workspaces and much more. Then deliver them to student devices quickly and easily, all from a browser, Google Drive™ or Microsoft Teams®.

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Engage your students like never before

Empower students to take ownership of their learning independently and as a group as they easily transition between classroom and distance learning. Hold attention and keep kids showing up, motivated and actively learning through interactive content on their own devices.

Capture insight into learning

Make learning visible to you and your class with a dashboard master view of each student’s work. Guide each learner individually in real time as they progress. While customized activities and games provide automatic feedback to keep learning on track.

When I started holding live lessons with my students at home, Lumio made it feel just like I was back in the classroom.

Jenn Taylor
New Jersey, US

Start using Lumio today

Lumio is part of a SMART Learning Suite subscription. SMART Learning Suite includes Lumio, for engagement everywhere on student devices, and SMART Notebook, for dynamic lessons on your interactive display


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From “getting started” tutorials and curriculum integration to in-person training, free and flexible training options are always available to get you up to speed.

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Be there for your students, anywhere – with Lumio!

More and more educators are using Lumio (formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online) to enhance the learning experience of their students, and you can too.

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